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In my honest opinion, when I see agents advertising for business, you click the link and it goes to a general agent site.   What can the consumer learn about you from just a website?   Personally I think a website is like a billboard, it doesn't say much.   So, when I decided that I wanted to advertise my brand and get knows in the community, I created a magazine.   This magazine has various articles written by local businesses, I added a personal touch and a real estate section.   This magazine the first run gained over 3,000 views and people within our community asking me how they can get published in my magazine.   Now, I am offering it to you.   With this download you get a video on what sparked my creativity with it, how to get help with articles etc, you get the entire done for you template, you just have to plug and go.   Lastly there is a tutorial on personalizing the magazine for yourself.   Be sure to send me a copy I would love to see what you do with it. 

Digital Magazine Class

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