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Tammy Barnes

Real Estate Unlocked Co-Host

My Story

I am Tammy, the middle sister.


I joined Mama Di in real estate in 1990 when she had the Fannie Mae account.  It was from all of that work alongside Diane, that I decided this would be a good career for me. In 1996 I became licensed in California.   My son was a year old and I was so excited to find a career that would allow me to have the time I wanted with him and be able to have my hobby with horses. 


Life circumstances took us to Las Vegas, Nevada.   I became  licensed and had a very successful career.  This was in 2000 when the market was beyond hot!  Then, here came a market that nobody had ever been in or expected to turn so quickly, however,  we all knew it had to.    The downturn came in 2007 for Las Vegas and I moved back to California to regroup.  My greatest achievement in Las Vegas, was being honored by the mayor for Excellence in Customer Service voted on by my clients. I had the best clients!  We had one family that we knew that was it!  I had to start fresh, after having been on a team for 10 years, so I can relate to the challenges of getting your real estate business up and going.  With the help of Mama Di, I did the hard work and success followed.


Back to California we went.  Our Dad had passed and my Son wanted to go back to the family and be with his cousins.  Due to the times in 2008,  I thought what a great time to reinvent myself and stay in industry.  I was given an opportunity to be a loan processor so I went to that side of the business.  Licensed in 2012, I would stay on the lending side of the business until 2015.   I learned, oh so well,  why the loan was the most stressful part of the transaction!!  The changes were coming fast!  2008 and the few years that followed, were stressful and hard on the industry.


My Son was going to college and so  in 2015 I moved to Colorado, where the other half of our family lives.  I decided lending was not my favorite, I loved my clients and working with the agents, and that is when I came across RE/Max Corporate.  They had an opening for a Franchise Development Consultant in California.  My territory was all of Northern California and I was the liaison between Corporate and the Broker/Owners.  When I was on the lending side I would consult with agents and help with their business anyway that I could.  I found enjoyment in that and this role at RE/Max was the perfect fit.  


My story is about a lot of life circumstances out of my control.   One thing I know for sure, real estate has always been very good to me and my family and that is due to hard work!  I look forward to sharing more stories and unlocking your full potential…..

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